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Why you should use Facebook downloader with Igconverter.com

Igconverter.com is the best Facebook video downloader to help you high quality Facebook video download: Full HD, 2K, 4K (mp4).

Download Facebook video to your phone, PC, or tablet with highest quality. Use our FB video downloader with your browser. No need to install any software. Support both Android, and iOS.

Here are some of our standout features:

Highest quality
Our Facebook video download helps you download FULL HD, and 4K videos with sound. Most of the current tools only allow HD videos.
Facebook video downloader for every device (mobile phone, PC, or tablet), and every OS (Android, IOS). You don't need to install any software.
Igconverter.com - It's always be free. We only place some ads to support our development.

How to Download video Facebook

Why Use Igconverter.com To Download Facebook Video?

According to user reviews and comments, Igconverter.com is currently the fastest, Highest, most stable Facebook Video Download tool at the moment, we offer the best Save video from Facebook for you, And continuously improve the quality of tools to provide users.

How to Download Facebook video online?

Oh ... Simply copy the link of the Facebook video you want to download and paste the link into the link entry box at Igconverter.com. The rest Igconverter.com will take care of itself.

Can I save Facebook videos on my phone?

Of course, saving the Facebook video to your computer after you finish downloading will usually be in the Download folder of a Windows or Android machine, and the Iphone is more complicated than see above.

Can I download Facebook Live stream videos?

Of course, But you can only download Facebook Live videos but only after they are finished. while playing will not be able to download.

Does Igconverter.com store downloaded videos or keep a copy of the video?

Oh no, Igconverter.com does not host videos nor keep copies of downloaded videos. We support Render only video with loss of audio and no archive. All videos are stored on Facebook's servers and only downloaded to your device.